Indian Summer | Designers Remix autumn 2011

Guest artists:

Pic 1: Blessing Moonwing: Remix 1/119/53/23

Pic 2: Gabrielle Swindlehurst: Remix 2/93/197/32

Pic 3: Jewell Lamourfou: Remix 1/77/124/49

Pic 4: maloe vansant: Remix 1/193/97/30

Pic 5: sanam Sewell: Remix 2/93/197/32

Pic 6: Aliah Hirano: Remix 2/93/197/32

Pic 7: Piedra Lubitsch: Remix 2/53/55/31

Pic 8: Scarlet Highfield: Remix 1/221/170/24

Pic 9: neom grut: Remix 1/221/170/24

Pic 10: Talullah Winterwolf: Remix 2/164/51/26

*home, garden, furniture featured in pics: *Funky*Junk* - everHome - ONYX - L2 Studio - -JoHaDeZ- - UrbanizeD - ~La'Licious~ - **InteriorAddiction** - Galland Homes - Melino Style - ::HomeKraft:: - DIGS - D&M - ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~

I'm very happy to participate again in this beautiful project. SL Designers Remix.
Home, garden, furniture & art mixed in 2 sims, freebies & gifts included!

For more information see the main blog:

Please, visit before november 4th.

thank you! <3

Locations and Freebies | Autumn 2011


shirt: -QQ- OMG SHADES - RICH RED 1 - Fright Hunt Item 
skirt: BB* Lucky Board Item basic black dress 4
jacket: ::TOXIC KITTY:: Skullie hoodie - I need new Hunt Item 
(Elate!) Bow Tie Ring (Blush)  
hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*19(Black)resize
scarf: .::PiCHi::. SkullPrint Scarf - Fright Hunt Item
BP* Sketch book S/red/wear
BP*tights/drowsy2010winter /black knit 1
Double Right Lip - Mouth [Black] - Fright Hunt Item
iPad from NODe+ - free
skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Maria -Lucky Board

Pictures 1 & 2: Milk Motion @ Cupcake:

freebies | loving you

 UrbanizeD Tribute to Minnie Riperton group gifts, limited edition, including: minnie's hair flowers, flowers and the sofa with a del may pose. Get it here:

more info about the tribute in this       pic:

    Jacket: S H I N E - Anne Frank Jacket - group gift july here:
    Skins: (fd) and vive9

places to visit | *SaliMar*

SaliMar sim "SaliMar is a residential island and a place where you can share your art experience if you like." as the welcome notecard said.
Find more info in their website:
Visit SaliMar, here:
Currently showing works from different artists. I have taken pics of just some of them.


1. help japan room.
2. nur moo's secret room.
3. riri's room.
4. opening party.
5. capcat ragu and meilo minotaur's room.
6. eupalinos ugajin's room.
7. theoretical afterthought's room.
8. wallace roxan's room.

It is worth a visit, please, enjoy! <3

places to visit | S.I.C49 sick

click on the pics to see them larger


I have made the poses you see in the pics, using this easy software: qavimator, free download. 

freebies and more

35mm film camera - [SeraKorea] - Korea University - comes with another hand pose - 0L
backpack - Korea University - in black also - 0L 
sweater - *COCO* turtleneck sweater gift - 0L
pants - asian pants - *RUDE REBEL* - seen in one of my favorite blogs - 0L


NANUK japanese heart  flag - SUPPORT JAPAN freebie 
shirt - *RUDE REBEL* - group gift
skin - Trudy-II .::mother gooses's::. lucky board prize
NC-Pink BoobleGum
hair - boon 

There are more events this weekend regarding to make a huge donation to help japan. 
If you have a low budget, I recommend you to participate in this JAPAN AID party, see more information here, please:

event ends 19th march 1am slt.

Dr.Nax Island

today party @ seraphine sim
see the flyer for more details - here -
more photos @ Dr.Nax institue for virtual wellness flickr group


bubble: fuwa-fuwa bubble created by mrmario9494 core - 0L
shape: okalemon Jr. created by urikoH - 0L
jumpsuit: Nax jumpsuit - GATO - 0L

find them @ seraphine sim :)))

enjoy! <3